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Poster: Old_NJ_Head_Zimmer Date: Feb 26, 2012 8:16am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: More on the DEAD...historical place & future directions

I would agree on the "summation" experiment as most likely every one of my family, friends and coworkers would include GD in my case and there is something to be said about that and it's impact.


I think if you look at deadheads in general, they are music lovers - period. We take all musical forms to a level most people wouldn't go to. The need to feel emotions thru music. The highest joys, the deepest blues, the intellectual stimulation, the heartbeat of the human soul. Some find it in science, sports, business acumen, we seem to relate to life thru music. Thus, we are attracted to "something" in the grateful dead experiment.

That being said, I'm not sure where the boys place in history will land.

Think about all the bands and artists who MOST people would consider as significant and important. Almost all have had commercial success and have been mainstream to some point. I suspect that once Phil and Bobby pass on from this bright blue ball, interest in the band will fall off significantly.

What would have happened if all the reincarnations of the dead or related bands would have stopped once Garcia died. IMO, the would be far far less interest in the band today.

The LIVE experience is what drove the dedication and that continues to bring in younger fans today. Without that, there are not a lot of ways for new legions of fans to get turned on to this UNDERGROUND music.

The band always said, there was no way to translate the live experience to a recording. Maybe releasing a lot of the vault will help, but think about how long it took you to appreciate a 30 minute dark star. People in general don't have the 20 years of listening to relish the difference between 68 and 69 and there will be no hook to snag them.

How will new fans be brought into this acquired taste?

There will always be musicologists who debate origins and influences, and the dead will always be in those discussions. Just don't think they will ever be given the place most deadheads think they deserve.